Average time to close a
client's order
≈3 weeks
9 years
120+ projects
The level of our expertise at the intersection of high
technology and human resources allows us to solve
even the most complex and non-trivial tasks.
In the field of recruiting
and IT outstaffing
Successfully implemented
while working

We are an international service company and have
been helping businesses for many years
and talents to meet.

Over 15 years of experience in IT and HR
After 48 hours, the first specialists
Free replacement on demand
Our specialization

Staff recruitment and outstaffing for IT tasks
No time to look for an employee/s?
Need ready
project team?
Do you want to temporarily strengthen the team?
You are a startup and don't know
where to begin?
Turnkey team
Turnkey project
Executive search
People: We believe that people are the most valuable resource of any company and we build work processes around people, identifying and applying their talents.

Transparency: Both within the company and in working with clients, we remain open and always maintain a dialogue at every stage of work.

Innovation: In the age of digitalization, we do not stand still and develop. Among our working tools are the latest technologies.
«ITSPACE» Works on the principle of "WIN-WIN"
Помочь компаниям и кандидатам найти друг друга

Компаниям мы создаём условия для сосредоточения на своих основных бизнес-задачах, вместо того, чтобы тратить время и ресурсы на поиск профессионалов

Для этих задач есть мы!

Наш успех — это наше ноу-хау во взаимодействии с IT-специалистам

Нам доверяют тысячи профессионалов
IT is the area of ​​aggressive recruiting
from the companies. On the part of specialists, this is more often a passive search.
We know how both sides meet!
Help companies and candidates find each other
We create conditions for companies to focus on their core business tasks, instead of wasting time and resources looking for professionals.

We are here for these tasks!

Our success is our know-how in cooperation with IT specialists

We are trusted by thousands of professionals
We find candidates and close
vacancies in the markets of the Russian Federation, LATAM, MENA, APAC
The ratio of Middle and Senior raids in our database of proven specialists is 40% and 60%
We will competently identify your needs and help you formulate a request for a specialist search
We use non-standard and relevant mechanics in the search for specialists
We involve experts for a reliable assessment of soft- and hard-skills of candidates
Own closed database of candidates and a developed partner network for the prompt filling of vacancies
Task analysis and formation
technical application
We determine the selection strategy, requirements, budget, deadlines
Conclusion of the contract and start of work
Terms, cost, obligations, search and / or provision of the first specialists without prepayment
Team building
Formation of a team according to the requirements of the technical application. Closing an application
Escort Guarantee
Guarantee of replacement of specialists up to 6 months in case of recruiting. Free replacement of a specialist in case of outstaffing, outsourcing or selection of a turnkey team
► Oil companies
► Production
► Pharmaceutical companies
► High-tech companies and startups
► Banks and financial commercial organizations
And we can solve your problems:
► Telecommunication companies
► Retailers and marketplaces
Some of the clients we have helped and continue to cooperate with
Several cases are presented so that you can be convinced of our professionalism
You can request more cases in personal correspondence

Jobs "Frontend Developer" and two "Backend Developers"


The company sells and maintains its own product - a small specialized ERP system. The team is mainly technical specialists, there is no HR.

A lot of projects, 24/7 work did not allow you to deal with the expansion of the state on your own. At the same time, the deadlines were “burning”. We needed a Frontend Developer and two Backend Developers.

Main stack: Postgresql, SQL, Pg/sql, Javascript, Velocity, Java, html, css

An additional complication is the company's office on the outskirts of Moscow. Previously, we tried to work with programmers remotely, but the quality of work and violation of deadlines forced us to refuse such cooperation.


We limited the search for candidates to areas from which it would be convenient to get to the office. We took over the sending of the test task, control of deadlines and organization of interviews on the territory of the employer.

Average closing time for each vacancy is 7 days


The work was done quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Our manager will contact you within 1 working day
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